Agree and the Download Starts

If you download the executable game program, you will be able to play the game, design your own arenas, and change the look of the game to some extent. To run the game you will need a computer with Windows95/DirectX3 or later, and for acceptable framerates you need hardware video acceleration for Direct3D and a Pentium200 or better. The download will give you an archive file named (size is 190KB). Create an empty folder named bSerene, and use Winzip or PKZIP to place the files contained in the archive into that folder. You can then play the game by opening the folder and double clicking on Game.exe. No changes are made to your system outside of the bSerene folder. When you want to uninstall the program, simply delete the folder and all its contents. If you want a shortcut to the game on your desktop, right-click on Game.exe and choose "Create Shortcut" in the pop-up menu. Then name the new shortcut appropriately (bSerene comes to mind...) and drag it to your desktop.

You can only download the game if you agree to the following terms:
I agree to indemnify ALife Games from any liability
that might arise from my use of the program bSerene.

If you download the source code, you will get an archive named (size is 443KB) and will have to follow the same installation process as described above. In addition to the executable and the auxiliary files you get the source code for the game in C/C++, and a workspace for Visual C++ 5.0 which contains all the information you need to make debug and release versions of the game (which run windowed and fullscreen respectively).

You can only download the code if you agree to the terms of the license
and if you agree to indemnify ALife Games from any liability
that might arise from your use of the supplied files.